Elizabeth Lennox

Intimate Caresses

Intimate Caresses | The Love and Danger Series

He’d only known her a couple hours, but already he wanted her. Now, if only she wasn’t a murder suspect… Detective Brock Transom eyed Nina Jansen across her desk. In the short span of time since the body of her boss had been found, he’d picked up a number of interesting insights. 

Some had been freely given – from the crime scene techs and medical examiner, as expected. Others had come, knowingly or unintentionally, from the man’s coworkers, including the beautiful brunette in front of him. 

Two things about her were clear: she had strong negative feelings about the deceased, and she was hiding something. 

His challenge was going to be to separate his investigative instincts from the compelling attraction he felt for this woman.

Nina felt like she was on a roller coaster. In the dark. Going backwards. Since the day began, she had been unexpectedly jerked up, down, and sideways. The big “drop from the ride’s peak” being the revelation that her lecherous creep of a boss had been murdered! Now, the detective whose presence had so electrified her as the police screened arriving employees was questioning her with more than a casual interest. 

His inquiries about her boss were easy – she had detested the man, but she certainly hadn’t killed him! 

But accounting for her time outside the office could expose activities that she wasn’t ready to reveal. Now – how to remove herself from suspicion when Detective Transom’s mere touch made her stomach flutter and her heartbeat race?

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