Elizabeth Lennox

Untamed Billionaire

Untamed Billionaire | Lost and Found Series

Release Date: August 12, 2022

Untamed Billionaire - Marcus & Chloe

They didn’t want him here.

The elites of Charleston considered Marco Hudson to be the enemy. Chloe considered him to be her knight in shining armor!

From across the room, Chloe Forsythe saw Marco Hudson and recognized the power inside of him. He needed her. He just didn’t realize how much. Nor did she!

Marco saw Chloe and knew that she was the woman he wanted in his life. But she was pristine, polished. He still carries dirt from the streets. She was society’s gardenia. He was the business world’s nightmare. They were opposites in so many ways – and yet, their attraction was instant and explosive!

But Marco knew that something was holding Chloe back. Something that scared her. Would she ever trust him enough to let him help? Could this marriage of convenience blossom into something deeper? Like love?

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