Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Secret Heir

The Sheik's Secret Heir | The Billionaire's Club Series

Release Date: December 6, 2024

The Sheik's Secret Heir - Cover R2

She has a secret!

Ann’s heart races as Tazim, the man who had once ignited her desires, strolled into her workplace. The air sizzles with tension as their eyes lock, memories of their steamy past flooding back. But this isn’t the same Tazim! This wasn’t the kind, sweet man of her past. Instead, she confronted – a commanding ruler.

Ann, harboring a secret, struggles to reveal the truth: Tazim is a father.

Sparks fly during their clandestine reunion, desire reigniting against the backdrop of royalty. As Ann navigates love, power, and a long-hidden son, their shared history propels them into a world of intrigue. Will their rekindled flames withstand their scorching secrets?

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