Elizabeth Lennox

The Russian’s Pregnant Mistress

The Russian's Pregnant Mistress | Love by Accident Series

The Russians Pregnant Mistress by Elizabeth Lennox

Seeing Damon Petrov across the dance floor sparked something inside of Gabby that was unfamiliar and dangerously thrilling. She couldn’t believe it when he approached her, offering her coffee and conversation. The exchange melted into a weekend of incredibly moving encounters that made her shudder with excitement and desire.

Unfortunately, the end of that weekend came much too quickly when Damon disappeared without a word while she slept. Gabby struggled to recover from her encounter with the most amazing man she’d ever met. 

She was finally pulling herself together when he swooped back into her life. 

She was furious that he thought he could just march back to her with no explanation or apology for the way he’d left. But the shock of discovering that she was pregnant overshadowed her anger, leaving her shaking and terrified.

Damon had finally met a woman who wanted just him, not his money or the prestige that came from being seen on his arm or even the creature comforts his wealth could offer her. Gabriella Smith was sweetness and refreshing honesty all wrapped up in a luscious, sexy package. But when she got too close, he ran, pushing her away because he didn’t want to deal with feelings that he had previously associated with pain and heartache.

So when he discovered she was pregnant, he moved quickly to move her into a situation where he could ensure that the baby survived, protecting his unborn offspring. He quickly re-discovered that Gabby wasn’t like the other women he’d been with in the past. And as he protected his unborn child, he forgot to protect his heart from those feelings that had terrified him the first time around. Gabby’s tender touch and sweet sighs of happiness worked their way through the protective barriers he’d built up over the years and he found himself defenseless against her smile and gentle touch.

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