Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Beautiful Intruder

The Sheik's Beautiful Intruder | The Friendship Series

Nikki had to find Brianna. Her friend had disappeared and the only clue she had was a mysterious e-mail with a strange emblem in the corner. That emblem led her to Nazar Iha Zayid, Sheik of Yafar. 

Nazar was in town at the same time her friend disappeared, and the e-mail described a strange and likely illegal plot to manipulate world markets. Put these facts together with a powerful man with infinite resources, and Nikki believes she’s found the source of Brianna’s disappearance. 

She’s determined to find her friend and free her from the man’s powerful clutches. What she doesn’t expect is falling into his clutches herself. Nor does she anticipate enjoying those clutches so much. 

The man is diabolical! 

He captures her body, then captures her heart. But after losing her parents at such an early age, Nikki doesn’t trust anyone easily.

Nazar can’t believe that the slender, beautiful brunette defeated his security and slipped into his palace grounds undetected! She was either insanely fearless, or shockingly loyal to travel halfway around the world to save her friend. So when both his mind and body tell him that the hypnotically beautiful Nikki is the woman he has been waiting for, Nazar is even more frustrated by her suspicions of him. 

Can he overcome her distrust of the world? Can he convince her that he will cherish her heart and protect it for the rest of his life?

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