Elizabeth Lennox

In Love with the Rebel

In Love with the Rebel | Lost and Found Series

Release Date: November 11, 2022

In Love with the Rebel

Marni just wanted make her sister proud. So how had she ended up in a small town in Pennsylvania wearing a neon tutu and working for a man that drove her crazy?

Josh wanted to fire her, but Marni was the best damn assistant he’d ever had – and one with the biggest heart. Unfortunately, her generous nature usually meant that the woman promised his legal skills to everyone she met on the street.

He’d just accepted that he was in love with the crazy women when he gets the call. Marni was arrested? For murder?! Impossible! After the woman had rescued just about everyone else in town, it was his turn to rescue Marni. Would he be in time to save her from a murder charge? And what would happen to their budding romance if she was in prison?

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