Elizabeth Lennox

Inconveniently Tempted

Inconveniently Tempted | The Diamond Club Series

Release Date: December 13, 2019

Inconveniently Tempted - Cover

He’d never trust her!

Years ago, Jake had fallen for Emily – hard!  One look, and he knew that Emily was The One.  He’d thought she felt the same way, but one morning, she was gone.  Not just gone from his bed, but gone from her apartment and his life!

Fast forward to now, and Jake is startled to see Emily, looking more beautiful than before, strolling into his office and offering to partner with him on a system that…it could change the world!  Dare he trust her again?  

Could he believe her soft sighs of pleasure? 

 Or should he keep his distance from her and keep his heart and mind safe?

Emily walked into Jake’s office and…he was more amazing than she’d remembered!  Taller, more handsome and much more…everything!  Emily might love him, but every day was a gift and she didn’t know if she’d have many more. 

Her future was always uncertain.  But she could take what he offered…and secretly love him with her whole heart and mind and soul!

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