Elizabeth Lennox

Delta Force Book 2 – Abby and Zeke

Zeke | Delta Force Series

Release Date: October 30, 2020

After a training accident, Lt. Colonel Zeke Jeffers is sent to the worst place in the world; the emergency room. Zeke would rather deal with the nightmare inducing bird-eating spiders any day than go to the emergency room. That place was filled with…needles!

But that’s also where he discovers the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Unfortunately, she also recommended…needles! Stitches! Thankfully, the lovely Dr. Abigail Fisher is quite adept…and fast…with the stitches.

Unfortunately for Abigail’s heart, Zeke was one of the guys who runs towards danger. As a member of the Delta Forces, he’s a specially trained soldier who goes in and does things that no one else can do. Abby is well aware of the dangers of Zeke’s job, since her father was a Navy SEAL who had been killed during one of those treacherous missions.

Abby isn’t willing to live that way again. But can she live without Zeke?

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