Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Blackmailed Bride

The Sheik’s Blackmailed Bride | The War, Love and Harmony Series

Luna couldn’t believe the chain of events that had led to her wedding day. All she’d wanted was to save her small village, to help the residents to get out from underneath their crippling debt. 

So she’d written to the man who owned the bank. And here she was, walking down the aisle toward a man she barely knew. A man who could make her body sing but who could crush her hopes and dreams with a few harsh words.

Dassar needed a wife. The lovely Luna fit none of his criteria. She was too soft, too sweet and would be hurt by palace life. So why couldn’t he forget her? 

Why could she get under his skin so easily? And why couldn’t he simply walk away?

The fifth book in The War, Love, & Harmony Series, enjoy this sweet heroine romance novel!

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