Elizabeth Lennox

The Attracelli Family Series

The Attracelli Family Series

Learn more about each of the individual Elizabeth Lennox Attracelli series books below:


This was probably my most challenging billionaire romance family series simply because there are so many siblings. And to start out Never Dare A Tycoon with the oldest sister’s death was a bit scary. I wasn’t sure if readers would connect when I started off with a tragedy. But I went ahead and rolled with the idea.

These were also the first stories I submitted to the “traditional” publishing houses. Needless to say, they were rejected. And also needless to say, I’m eternally grateful that they were. I now retain rights to all of these stories and I love reading them myself every once in a while. You can learn more about these erotic novels online below.

Never Dare a Tycoon: Antonia Attracelli. She’s the youngest and only living female of the clan (Sylvia dies at the beginning of this book and she’s the oldest of all of them). Being the baby in a family of strong, arrogant Italian men was difficult but Antonia rebels against their rules and finds her own life.

Falling for the Boss – FREE if you subscribe to my mailing list! Thomas Attracelli. Thomas is serious and generally more quiet than the other siblings, but still waters run deep. He is also the financial person – analytical, moral, strong and fighting against Victoria’s allure.

Risky Negotiations: Salvatore Attracelli. Sal is the oldest and the bossiest. He’s always serious because he has so much responsibility but he wears the burden easily. Laci causes him to change his focus from the corporate world to a whole different kind of acquisition.

Proposal To Love: Michael Attracelli. Michael is the daredevil of the group. He’s fun-loving and won’t let Darcy hide behind her career any longer and he won’t let her hide from him either.

Love’s Not Terrifying: Gus Attracelli. Gus is the opposite of brooding. He’s gregarious and laughs a lot – and wants to find the woman with the scent. He wants to propose to Alana – a woman he hasn’t even seen – simply because of her rose scented perfume.

Romantic Acquisition: Carlo Attracelli. Carlo is ultra serious, ultra conservative and doesn’t speak very much. As the youngest male in a household of dominant, overbearing men, he had to learn to protect himself by observing. He does that a lot of the time in his story. Because I wanted him to be the quiet type, I knew I had to give him a slightly outrageous woman. As in many cases, I chose the name Kate because it’s such an ordinary name – but there is nothing ordinary about Kate. She shocks and surprises Carlo, constantly throwing him off balance. (Well, she throws herself off balance.) As quiet as Carlo tends to be, Kate keeps saying her thoughts out loud, shocking even herself.

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