Elizabeth Lennox

The Billionaire’s Pregnant Lover

The Billionaire's Pregnant Lover | The Big Apple Brotherhood Series

The Billionaires Pregnant Lover by Elizabeth Lennox

Sydney Watson couldn’t believe what a horrible person Dominic Carson was. From the first instant they met, he’d been rude, arrogant and threatening. And from that moment forward, the feelings he generated within her were confusing and intense. She refused to give in to her desires for him, but she couldn’t seem to stay away. 

She told herself over and over again that she didn’t like him, but she’d never felt so exhilarated and excited when he was close. And she didn’t understand how he could make her feel so crazy with just a simple touch. Dominic terrified her, but she was like a moth trying to touch the flame.

From the first moment of meeting Sydney, Dominic knew that he wanted her in his life. Forever. He fought it initially, but he’d never met a woman who excited and turned him on while at the same time delighting him in her intelligence and stubbornness. And she only wanted him. Not his money or anything he could do for her. Just him. 

Sydney was a heady, sensuous woman and he knew they were made for each other. So why was she resisting their attraction at every turn? He told her to trust him and she said no, yet she melted in his arms with a simple touch. When she was scared, she turned to him, but she wouldn’t even have dinner with him.

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