Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Captured Princess

The Sheik’s Captured Princess | The Samara Royal Family Series

Caught! Princess Ciala couldn’t believe that she’d been captured and was standing in a police station, goons all around her. And the biggest (albeit incredibly handsome) goon of all was stealing her camera along with all of her research! She couldn’t let this happen. And when she found a way to escape, she took it.

Unfortunately, the very next day, that same goon, even more dashing in a suit and tie, stood next to her brother and was introduced to her as Sheik Jurar al Tinoor of Drakar!

Jurar was still fuming about a rebel’s escape – not to mention his realization that the rebel was a woman. And then he ran into her again in his enemy rival’s palace! 

After listening to the lovely woman, and discovering a powerful attraction, he decided that the only solution was to marry her and have her as his lover. But was she working with the rebel leader? 

The evidence was starting to unfold against her in this romance novel!

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