Elizabeth Lennox

Resisting the Tycoon’s Seduction Introduction

Resisting the Tycoon’s Seduction Introduction | The Berutelli Escape Series

Resisting the Tycoons Seduction by Elizabeth Lennox

Eight year old Marissa watched with sad, tearful eyes as her mother’s coffin was lowered into the ground. She held onto her sister’s hand, but Sierra was only two so she was too young to understand what was happening. Marissa knew. 

She understood and she was so sad she could barely see through the tears streaming down her chubby cheeks. The pain in her tummy was making her feel like she wanted to throw up, but her father would get mad at her if she did that.

Her nanny stood behind her, a hand on her shoulder and every once in a while she would pat her shoulder, as if that were supposed to make her feel better.

It didn’t. She didn’t think anything would make her feel better. Her mother’s arms had always been soft, always inviting. 

Every time Marissa suspected that the monsters were hiding in her closet, about to invade her room, it was her mother who seemed to instinctively know that she was scared and would come in and sing to her until she fell asleep.

Sierra’s hand tightened on hers and Marissa looked down. Her little sister might not understand, but she knew that Marissa was sad. Which made the tears flow down her baby cheeks as well.

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