Elizabeth Lennox

Tempting James | Mysterious Adventures Series

Release Date:January 28, 2022

His life was all about sniffing out the bad guys and eliminating threats.

So what was James supposed to do when faced with the threat to his sanity in the form of the luscious, vivacious Jinx Bordeaux? The lovely woman tempted him with her smiles and her great…um…cupcakes! Among other things…!
But his protective instincts kicked into high gear when Jinx’s life is threatened. He has to work fast in order to save Jinx after she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t commit!

Jinx hadn’t known that men like James and his super-secretive team members existed until they show up in her restaurant. James is big and gruff, muscular and tender. He sees everything, but is blind to the way she feels for him and it breaks her heart – until the big, gorgeous guy comes to her rescue!

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