Elizabeth Lennox

The Russian’s Proposal

The Russian's Proposal | Friends Forever Series


Katia’s father was evil. With her mother’s help, she’d escaped his home and learned to live on her own, hiding, her life revolving around secrecy so her father wouldn’t find her.

Everything was fine, until the day Sergei walked into her coffee shop. In that moment, her life turned upside down. But she soon discovered that this tall, scary man with the scarred face wasn’t here to bring her back to her father. He was here to…marry her?

Yes – a marriage to this man would stop her father’s cruelty. She had to do it!

Katia wasn’t what Sergei was expecting. She was sweet and kind and beautiful…and stronger than he would have realized. Not to mention brilliant and creative. 

Together, they would stop her father. What he also hadn’t anticipated…falling in love with his enemy’s daughter.

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