Elizabeth Lennox

Tempted by the Prince

Tempted by the Prince | The Raminar Family

Release Date: February 19, 2021

Tempted by the Prince - Cover Small

He’s the forbidden lover she’s always dreamed about loving.

Rachel Morris has vowed never to let anyone know about her secret crush on Prince Tobin.  But when they are thrown together on a special project, how is she to hide her feelings?  Rachel is efficient, loyal, smart…all the words one might use to describe a dog.  While Prince Tobin is tall and strong and worldly…everything Rachel is not.  She understands why he wants her help on a special project, but how is she to hide her feelings for the man when she’s working so closely with him?

Prince Tobin has been fascinated by the straight-laced Rachel for years!  Traveling with her only gives him the chance to know her even better…and he’s even more enchanted with the demure woman, discovering that there are more layers to her than he’d ever anticipated. 

As their passion for each other flares, how can he convince Rachel to believe in what they have together?  How can he show her how to push her past behind her and embrace the future?  With him! 

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