Elizabeth Lennox

Longing for Diesel | Mysterious Adventures Series

Release Date: April 29, 2022

Ever since moving to Florida, Kaia King had felt a throbbing, aching need for Diesel Bishop. But he was the best friend to Kaia’s older, very protective brother. No matter what she did, Kaia could not get Diesel to stop treating her like a little sister.

Until…one night, Kaia had enough. She tries to seduce the hunky man, only to be stopped short when he informs her that he wants more than just a fling. Since she’s madly in love with the big guy, she’s in full agreement.
Except…she has to tell her older brother about their relationship.


Kaia is on her way to do just that, when someone stops that much-needed conversation. The man in the ski mask trying to get to Diesel through her!

Kaia knows that she has to free herself from this kerfuffle before the masked man hurts Diesel. No way is she going to lose him when the two of them were finally working their way towards a heart-stoppingly hot relationship!
Nor was Diesel going to let some ass hurt Kaia!

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