Elizabeth Lennox

Resisting Her Husband | The Book Club Series

Release Date: February 18, 2022

Resisting her Husband

She’d made it on her own. She’d done it! She’d come back from a devastating loss!

Katy Bendor had moved on from her a soul-crushing marriage! She’d escaped from a toxic environment and thrived! She’d come out the winner!

Or had she? Everything was going well until her ex-husband stepped into her world…and told her that he wasn’t her ex! They’d never divorced!

Charles Rutherford wanted his wife back! He’d never understood why the beautiful, lively Katy had transformed from a vivacious, ambitious woman to a shell of that woman during their marriage. But after trying to live without her, Charles was going to get her back! Since they were still married, he’d use whatever means at his disposal, including the intense attraction that seemed to still vibrate between them, in order to win her back into his life!

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