Elizabeth Lennox

Pregnant with the Sheik’s Baby

Pregnant With The Sheik's Baby | The Samara Royal Family Series

In Montreal for political reasons, Sheik Ramzi del Abbas Samara discovers the lovely Mia Fortelle. Her eyes capture him and after a brief but powerful courtship, he convinces the lovely woman to marry him. 

As ruler, he understands his role and the need to find a wife and produce an heir. 

But until he finds Mia, he has resisted that irksome responsibility. For three incredible months, Ramzi believes that he has found heaven.

And then the unthinkable happens! He finds her in the arms of another man! Mia is dumbfounded! After so many nights in Ramzi’s arms, blissfully loving the incredible man, she finds herself ousted from his life without any way to defend herself.

And what’s worse, Mia is pregnant. Pregnant, alone, scared, and still in love with her husband. Find out what happens in this pregnancy romance book by ordering below!

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