Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheiks of Altair Series

The Sheik's of Altair

Her Secret by Elizabeth Lennox


Sheik Talal discovered the lovely Kate in a small island and they fell in love. But his role as ruler of a powerful country didn’t allow him the freedom to pursue the elusive blond. And Kate might love the mysterious Talal, but she wasn’t going to let him stomp all over her heart, leaving and showing up without any explanation. She leaves, but discovers later that she is pregnant – unaware that her unborn child is the heir to the throne!

Join Kate as she challenges the powerful leader – and they fall in love all over again. Years later, their son, Prince Jaffri, rises to power along with his two siblings, Prince Tavon and Princess Sada. The Sheiks of Altair romance book series takes you as across the globe. London, Washington, DC, Paris and the exclusive fashion houses all set the stage for the exhilarating love stories in the pages of these books. You’ll laugh as Princess Mila brings Tavon to a dive barbeque restaurant – where he “saves” her from the knife wielding restauranteur. And your heart will yearn for justice as Sada fights to be seen as more than a little sister to the man she loves.

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