Elizabeth Lennox

Endearing Seduction

Endearing Seduction | The Diamond Club Series Book 12

Release Date: November 29, 2019

Endearing Seduction - Cover Small

Her life had been invaded…again!

Emily didn’t trust men. She didn’t trust the police! She only trusted herself. So why did she keep thinking about the handsome, brawny detective? Why did he invade her dreams at night? And why was she allowing him to invade her life?

Detective Kurt Anderson spotted the feisty woman and knew. He knew that someone had hurt the beautiful Emily and he knew that she was a survivor. He was fascinated by her strength and beauty, her independence and that vulnerability that she rarely let anyone see. So how did he get beyond her prickly defenses and get to know the real woman? And how could he get her to trust him, when he suspected another man had wounded her deeply?

Could his unconventional approach gain her trust? And more importantly, how did he keep her safe from someone who was trying to hurt her again?

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