Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Pregnant Lover

The Sheik's Pregnant Lover | Love by Accident Series

The Sheik's Pregnant Lover by Elizabeth Lennox

Sidra couldn’t believe it when the man stormed into her life. He was everything she’d been looking for in a man; tall, handsome, intelligent – and after several secret meetings, she also found out that he was the ultimate lover. 

When their brief interlude is cut short, Sidra is hopeful that they might be able to manage a long distance relationship. But after three weeks with no word from Rashid, she had to accept that he had a different perception of their liaison than she had.

Rashid thought that Sidra was as close to perfection as possible. She was funny and intelligent not to mention beautiful and sexy. 

Unfortunately, he’d lost track of her when he had to travel back to Tasain to resolve an emergency. When he finally found her again after three weeks of searching, he found her having a drink with another man! He was livid and tricked her in order to get her back on his turf.

His campaign to get her to fall in love with him had barely begun when he discovers that the romantic weekend they’d spent together had accidentally created a baby! Now he had to marry Sidra as soon as possible. Was he marrying her only to protect his unborn child, Sidra worried? Or was there more to his feelings than just preserving the next heir to the throne?

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