Elizabeth Lennox

The Secrets of Seduction | The Ladies of The Burling School Series Book 7

Romance Book Release Date: July 17, 2020

The Secrets of Seduction - Cover small

The past…never had so much power!

Malcolm Reynolds, Marquis of Theeds remembered Ella Flemming.  Who wouldn’t?  With her soft, blond hair and outrageous spunk, she was the kind of strong woman who defied rules, stomped on them, actually.  Ten years ago, something horrible had happened to her family.  But seeing the lovely Ella now, Malcolm knew that it was time to bury the past. 

Award-winning reporter Ella Flemming was going to take him down!  The arrogant Malcolm Reynolds thought he could hide behind his illustrious title.  But Ella knew that the public’s perception of him was wrong.  She was just the woman to prove it, too. 

So why did she shiver every time he touched her?  And why was the evidence proving the exact opposite?  Had she been wrong about Malcolm Reynolds all these years?  Or was he just better at hiding his crimes?  And even more important, how was she to protect her heart until she figured out the truth? 

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