The Tycoon’s Defiant Southern Belle

The Tycoon’s Defiant Southern Belle | The Big Apple Brotherhood Series

The Tycoons Defiant Southern Belle by Elizabeth Lennox

Jade couldn’t believe her eyes. There was an enormous man sitting in front of the roaring fire. The house was supposed to be empty! So what was this giant man, or beast, doing in front of the immense fire, looking like something out of a horror movie?

But as Jade got to know the dangerous looking Angelo Donati, she found him to be sweet and funny, incredibly intelligent, and the most amazing man she’d ever met. Unfortunately, he also terrified her like no other man. 

She felt as if she were betraying the trust of her long-term boyfriend anytime she was near Angelo because her heart raced, her body shivered, and all she could think about was what it might be like to kiss him and experience his passion. 

But after finding out about her boyfriend’s infidelity, she suddenly finds herself free to explore the magic that Angelo offers.

Angelo knew that Jade was the woman he wanted in his life. He also knew that he would be a horrible husband. Marriage was not in the cards for him, but he promised her he would be a generous lover.

Jade wasn’t going to settle for anything less than everything. But no matter how much Angelo wanted to give it to her, he struggled to overcome the pain and hurt of his childhood. He can give in to his desire for Jade, but can this wounded hero accept her love?

But Jade was made of tougher stuff. She wasn’t going to let Angelo go. After hearing about his past, she understands why he was wary of her love. She just has to convince him that she truly loves him and will for the rest of their lives. Angelo’s feelings run deep, and he’s used to people following his commands. Will she be able to change his mind and open his heart? Read this romance novel to find out!

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