Elizabeth Lennox

The Sheik’s Marriage Contract

The Sheik's Marriage Contract | El-Mitra Family Series

Release Date: January 13, 2023

The Sheik's Marriage Contract - Cover
By law, Sheik Tazir el Mitra knew that time was running out.

He had to find a wife. Fast!

Unfortunately, he was still infatuated with someone from his past. So he was stunned when that woman walked into his office, even more beautiful than he remembered. The lovely Lila stood in front of him, talking about…something. And all he could think about was how gorgeous she looked.

Lila Chakroun’s uncle had gotten himself into a serious mess – and now he expects Lila to fix it. But the solution her uncle proposes – going to the man she’d had a painful crush on for…well, forever…was not an option!

And yet, Lila can’t say no when Tazir offers her marriage. He was the man by which she’d judged all others. But Lila had a secret that might tear their newfound feelings apart. Or did he already know her biggest secret?

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