Elizabeth Lennox

Unexpectedly Expecting the Sheik's Baby | The Ladies of The Burling School Series Book 6

Release Date: June 19,2020

Unexpectedly Expecting - Cover small

She had to avoid his trap!

Cassandra Finnegan walked into the conference room, not sure what to expect.  So when the tall stranger steps into the room moments later, Cassy is thrown off balance by the magnetic pull his eyes and his powerful presence.  Using all of her skills, she keeps herself poised and professional.  But there is no denying that there is something luring her closer to the dangerous man.

Sheik Jurad del Soya Irazi is entranced and amused that the lovely Cassandra refuses to admit that there is something between them.  So when special attention is needed for his business, flying Cassandra out to London is the only answer. 

But with her career at stake, how does Cassy handle the very real heat between herself and the enigmatic ruler?  And how does she tell the truth about the consequences of that weekend to a man that she suspects has a hidden agenda? 

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