Elizabeth Lennox

Never Dare A Tycoon

Never Dare a Tycoon | The Attracelli Family Series

Living a double life can be perilous. Especially when you find a man so intriguing, so compelling, that his very presence leaves one shaking with desire and emotions never before experienced. 

Antonia Attracelli experiences this, plus so much more, on the day she is introduced to Brett Hancock, a man used to getting his own way. So when the billionaire sets his sights on Antonia, she’s fighting to remain independent and free from his charming, alluring web of passion and romance. 

When she realizes that she can’t fight him, her world erupts into an unending fairy land of desire and love.

“An electric jolt shot through her system when she felt his eyes on her. She tried looking at the menu, out the window, or anywhere else as the men discussed some business deal they were currently working on. But her eyes were captured by the darkest, most devilishly brown eyes she’d ever seen in her life. And they were owned by a man with broad shoulders, dark blond hair, and a simply spectacular physique”.

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