Elizabeth Lennox

Intimate Secrets

Intimate Secrets | The Love and Danger Series

She’d hurt him deeply, but he couldn’t stay away, especially if she was in trouble. Detective Walker Myers’ heart skipped a beat when he saw the name on the incident list. He hadn’t seen her in over a year, but the thought of Amy Rossi still affected him more than he liked or wanted to admit. 

He’d thought she was “the one”, but she’d killed any chance of a future when she’d betrayed him in such a fundamental way.

So why was he on her doorstep? 

Why was he giving up his free time to investigate who was stalking his achingly beautiful ex-lover? 

No one had ever come close to stirring the same intensity as Amy could with just a touch or a look. But how could he ever trust her?

Amy shivered when Walker showed up in her classroom. She couldn’t believe her eyes, nor could she believe how much her body longed to be with him again. But she couldn’t go down that road again. He’d deserted her when she’d needed him the most. He couldn’t be trusted. Never would she put herself in that place where he could hurt her again.

So why was she watching him with painful longing? Why was she letting him help her now?

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