Elizabeth Lennox

Pregnant with the Sheik’s Heir

Pregnant with the Sheik's Heir | The Abbot Sisters Series

Release Date: September 18, 2020

Pregnant with the Sheik's Heir - Cover

She felt his gaze across the crowded room…and Rayne Abbot couldn’t look away. 

Irritated, she tried to ignore the magnetic pull of the tall, powerfully built man, assuming he was a con artist.  But the attraction was there and she couldn’t stay away.  So despite the freakish Abbot fertility that had caused her family so many problems over the years, Rayne succumbed to one night of passion, sure that there would be no consequences.

She was wrong! 

Kular bin Faris, Sheik of Glidar, was delighted with the blue eyed red-head, entranced by her saucy replies and amused when she mistook him for a common thief.  He wanted more than just one night of passion with the saucy minx, but by the time he woke the following morning, the lovely Rayne was gone. 

He knew that she was the woman for him.  But he had to find her in order to convince her of that! 

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