The Duke’s Runaway Princess

The Duke’s Runaway Princess | Love by Accident Series

The Dukes Runaway Princess by Elizabeth Lennox

Her destiny wasn’t to be a man’s arm candy! Zarah Andromeda Busain had known what her role as a princess of Tasain would be since she could first walk and talk. That didn’t mean she agreed with it. From the beginning, she fought against those expectations, challenging them and asking why. 

So when it came down to the point of choosing a husband from a group of ten, she chose none. She followed a friend to a small town outside of London, infuriating her older brother but finding peace and satisfaction in helping others.

That peace was shattered the day Derrick Huntington walked into her world. He was big and huge and disgustingly handsome with a confidence that irritated her beyond words. 

And when he touched her, she forgot to breathe, when he kissed her, she forgot to remember that he wasn’t the man she could marry, that a romance with him would be forbidden.

Derrick couldn’t believe that the perfect woman for him had been discovered right in his own little village. She was beautiful, smart and didn’t want him in any way. But when he touched her, she shivered. When he kissed her, she melted in his arms, kissing him back with a passion that drove him wild.

The woman had a secret though. And when that secret had her disappear, Derrick moved heaven and earth to find the woman he loved. Even when it meant facing down a powerful sheik and older brother, he was going to find his woman and bring her back.

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