Elizabeth Lennox

A Difficult Man to Love

A Difficult Man to Love | Friends Forever Series


A Difficult Man to Love – Hayden

It was time to sell. One by one, her life was falling apart. That’s when Hayden accepted that she’d have to sell her farm and move on. Unfortunately, the only offer she had was from a man she hated.

Just one month ago, she’d told him that she wouldn’t sell her land to him. Wasn’t it funny (horrible!) how life played games?

Viktor thought that the lovely garden nursery owner was amazing. So when she’d come back to him with an offer to sell her land to him, he wasn’t buying. Nope – he offered marriage instead. 

When the lovely lady quickly rejected his offer, he decided it was time to show her that he was serious. 

As a man always in charge, he was determined to get his way on this negotiation. Little did he know that Hayden wasn’t one to give in so easily.

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