Elizabeth Lennox

Whispered Secrets | Rose Garden Apartments Series

Release Date: August 13, 2021

Whispered Secrets - Cover 2

Falling in Love could hurt one’s soul.

Moving from Texas to Northern Virginia, Maggie finds herself lost, broke and alone after her fiancé dumped her.  But with a soft landing at Rose Gardens Apartments, she finds a new job, new friends and “a calling”.  Taking the job as the new property manager, she renovates not just the apartments, but the building, the landscaping and her life!  She finds a new family with the residents of the apartment complex.  She finds…contentment. 

Enter…Oliver.  To the casual observer, he appears to be a guy down on his luck.  Exactly the kind of person Maggie needs to help.  But Oliver is so much more…and she can’t resist tempting the fates and…falling in love. 

But Oliver isn’t who he appears to be.  And his lies hurt more than they should!

Oliver is stunned by the beautiful woman as she “helps” him by offering him a place to live.  It’s just a beaten up apartment, completely different than the penthouse where he normally sleeps at night.  But there’s something about Maggie, an energy and inner beauty that he can’t turn away from. 

Nor can he tell her the truth about his identity or his plans for her precious neighborhood.

He’s not giving up though!  Oliver has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.  And he won’t let Maggie push him away.  He could fix this!  He had to!

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