Elizabeth Lennox

The Billionaire’s Challenging Beauty

The Billionaire's Challenging Beauty | Bold Alaskan Man Series

The Billionaire's Challenging Beauty - 2022 Cover

Every week, he went through heaven and hell. It was heaven to watch the lovely Tyla move about the bar, smiling to the customers, watch her sexy body, see her and laugh with her.

And know that she was completely off limits.

Tyla’s brother had gone off to the Marine Corps and asked his best friend Knox to watch out for his little sister. Unfortunately, all Knox seemed to be able to do was watch Tyla – and lust after her.

Tyla had been in love with Knox ever since the first moment she’d come back from The Peace Corps, but how did she get him to see her as a woman and not as a teenager? He acted like he was her big brother!

Seduction was the only answer.

But a sinister visitor to Winthrop threatens their happiness. Tyla must betray Saeger’s trust and love, or her brother will be killed.

How is she to choose between the brother she loves and the man she loves?

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