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Beauty Picks


I usually struggle with the “long wear” lipsticks – and even this one doesn’t last the full 8 hours (I know – it says “up to” 8 hours). But it lasts a good three or four hours, which is significantly better than my other lipsticks. What’s more, this stuff is creamy, so it doesn’t give you the chalky, dried out feeling that the other “long lasting” lipsitcks give me. Also, those other “long-wear” lipsticks mean that you have to put that slimy glycerin stuff on your lips instead of chapstick. This stuff allows me to put chapstick on when I need it. Now it will wear off throughout the day – but it’s much better than anything else I’ve tried. Also, it’s easier application. I love the “crayon” like applicator versus those fuzzy things that the others have. Lots of good colors too!

Before you cringe at the price of this leave-in hair conditioner, let me first explain that I went to the salon and the stylist commented about the great condition of my hair. To understand what a shock that was to me – I don’t do much to take care of my hair. Before I started using this product, I had a different stylist try and explain how to care for my hair more carefully. Yep, I’m that rough on my hair. The only thing that has changed with my hair care routine is that I spray “It’s a 10” on after the shower and my hair is seriously soft! Because I’m so cheap, I tried a less expensive brand. But nothing worked as well as this stuff does! It’s shockingly good!

When I first heard of eye lash serum, I thought it was a hoax. Seriously? Why would anyone spend money on this kind of snake oil?! Now hear me out…the product description says that it will make your lashes crazy long. Honestly – it didn’t. At least, not for me. Without mascara, my eyes still look like beady little eyes and one would think I didn’t have any eye lashes at all. But after using this product for about three weeks, my eye lashes still looked the same length without mascara, but as soon as I put mascara on – my eye lashes actually looked fake! They were so crazy long – I almost took the mascara off. But wow – it was super cool to have that kind of long lash thing going! And without the creepy, gross lash glue that is needed for false lashes.

Warning: If you have sensitive skin, you might want to hold off on this product. I love it – but some people might not.

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