Elizabeth Lennox


Caught | The Lottery Winners Series

Caught by Elizabeth Lennox

Ms. Scarlett was making her crazy!  Marilee knew that Ms. Scarlett and her grey haired posse were organizing all of the pranks that kept happening in town.  

But why was it that, every time Marilee tried to hide the pranks, the annoying, all-seeing and irritating Emerson, the new sheriff, arrived with his brooding eyes and annoyingly broad shoulders?!  

It was almost as if the man had a sixth sense for when she was going to make a fool of herself and he showed up to enjoy the show!

Emerson thought Marilee was adorable and sexy and…odd.  But he couldn’t resist her.  All of those lush curves and gorgeous smiles.  

He might not understand the lovely Marilee, but he was falling for her.  And he wasn’t sure he cared!

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