Elizabeth Lennox

Resisting the Tycoon’s Seduction

Resisting the Tycoon’s Seduction | The Berutelli Escape Series

Resisting the Tycoons Seduction by Elizabeth Lennox

Marissa must save her sister from marriage to a stranger, and save herself from marriage to a horrible man. But trying to seduce the too arrogant and too sexy Zeke Vaughn is too much for her. In the end, she couldn’t do it.

Zeke Vaughn sees the lovely, blushing Marissa Berutelli and immediately decides that she will be his next lover. He’s even amused at her anger when he is open and honest about his intentions. 

But when he discovers the truth about her father, Zeke sweeps Marissa away, despite her objections, determined to save her from a cruel and disgusting fate.

Marissa has lived life with secrets and tragedy and she’s confused about Zeke’s intentions. 

The hurried wedding didn’t seem real and until Zeke can trust her with the truth, their relationship can’t survive.

Can Marissa trust a man who keeps secrets from her? Zeke thinks he’s protecting her, but it only angers her when he won’t trust her with the truth, about his feelings for her and what’s happening with her father.

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