Elizabeth Lennox

That Night with the Sheik

That Night with the Sheik | The Diamond Club Series Book 7​

Romance Book Release Date: November 15, 2019

That Night with the Sheik - Cover

He awakened her body…but…!

Chloe Hughes didn’t like her best friend’s brother, Sheik Girad.  Especially when the horrible man was forcing her friend into an unwanted marriage, using the excuse of “tradition”.  

So why did his every touch make her tremble with unprecedented hunger?  Why did a look make her body tighten with need?

Sheik Girad bin Saldira knew how to get things done.  As ruler of Cordaire, Girad prided himself on a thriving economy and a strong military.  

So why was he having so much trouble getting one beautiful woman to agree to his terms?  

After just one night in his arms, Girad knew that Chloe Hughes was the woman he wanted in his life forever.  Unfortunately, she’d disappeared from his palace.  Hard to keep her close when he couldn’t even find her!

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