Elizabeth Lennox

The Tycoon’s Secretive Temptress

The Tycoon's Secretive Temptress | The Sinful Night Series Book 2

She makes him crazy!

Coming to work for Rembrant Corporation, Gianna is an Italian temptress in real life.  Brant Jones wants her, but he doesn’t want to want her.  She’s lush and vibrant and dives into every situation with a gusto that…well, she’s going to get herself killed!  

From confronting thieves to dangerous rides, Gianna is everything Brant wants – but is she stealing corporate secrets?

Gianna wants the incredibly uptight Brant to embrace life more.  He’s so focused on business, that he never takes the time to stop and look around, enjoy the sunshine and feel the wind!  He’s so completely different from any man she’s ever met – and Gianna doesn’t understand her attraction to the handsome but overly strict man.  He has wealth, but no spirit to enjoy the success he’s worked so hard to achieve.

But Gianna is determined to teach him.  And with each step of her lessons, she falls more in love with her billionaire boss.

Until the day he threatens to arrest her!

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