Elizabeth Lennox

The Russian’s Furious Fiancée

The Russian’s Furious Fiancée | Friends Forever Series

The Russian's Furious Fiancee - 2023 Cover

Damon Kelopatros, a man universally reviled, even by his fiancée, defied all emotional entanglements in favor of cold, calculated logic, extending his business approach to selecting a life partner. His relentless pursuit of this objective led him to an unexpected revelation when he found himself irresistibly drawn to the woman he had chosen devoid of sentiment. Unforeseen admiration and respect blossomed within him for Eva, qualities he had previously reserved for his extramarital affairs. Her enchanting wit, captivating figure, and spirited resistance fueled his passion. Meanwhile, Eva, repelled by Damon’s callous facade, found herself inexplicably enamored by his presence. Their tumultuous relationship unveiled Damon’s hidden warmth, transforming the devil into a man she couldn’t help but love.

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