The Russian’s Furious Fiancée

The Russian’s Furious Fiancée | Friends Forever Series

The Russians Furious Fiancee by Elizabeth Lennox

A man everyone loves to hate, including his fiancée! Damon Kelopatros was the ultimate businessman, considering that all things in life should be reduced down to a logical thought process, including selecting a wife. 

After hiring a firm, he went after his selection with formidable focus. What he hadn’t anticipated was being intensely attracted to the woman he’d emotionlessly selected. 

Nor had he anticipated actually respecting and admiring her. 

These were things that he wanted for his mistress, but did not need in his wife – until he met Eva. And then he wanted all of her. 

He loved her smiles, her lush figure and her enchanting sense of humor. 

And he especially loved the way she fought him every step of the way. 

He found that winning her over was more of a challenge than he expected, but each victory was cherished more because it had been so difficult to win. Eva couldn’t believe that a man would simply hire a firm to select a wife but Damon was the most emotionless, horrible, arrogant and reprehensible man she’d ever met. 

Unfortunately, he was also the only man who made her heart pound simply by a glance across the room, or by just a touch of his warm, strong fingers. 

How could she feel so much for a man so irritating? Then she discovered that the man had his softer side too. 

As she fought him over every detail, she also learned that the man wasn’t as cold as he wanted everyone to think he was. He was kind and gentle, sweet and caring. And she was falling in love with a man she’d originally thought was the devil.

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