Elizabeth Lennox

Her Secret, His Heir

Her Secret, His Heir | The Diamond Club Series

Release Date: January 17, 2020

Her Secret His Heir - Cover

He fell for her when she finished dressing in the busy elevator! 

Jackson knew that the woman was special when she had to shimmy back into her skirt.  To his surprise, the lovely mystery woman was also his first meeting of the day. 

He wouldn’t fall for the fascinating school teacher, but he was definitely tempted!

Melanie fell for the dynamic, handsome Jackson…not from their first meeting…but maybe their second. 

By their first kiss, she was in love and by their third date, Melanie knew that all of her defenses against being hurt were useless under his charm.

But after a misunderstood declaration, Melanie finds herself alone, heartbroken…and pregnant!

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