The Burling School | The Ladies of The Burling School Series Introduction

The Burling School - Introduction Cover

A Note from Elizabeth:

Dear reader – this novella has been updated so many times over the past several months and I keep adding new scenes to the story.  Right now, it’s about 45 pages long – but it has not gone through my normal editing steps.  For now, this story is free for everyone to read and enjoy – and I apologize for the typos.  Once this series is over, I’ll polish this novella and release it to the retail sites, still for free, with all of the extra scenes included. 

For now, this novella is to introduce you to the six ladies that attended The Burling School (I wish I’d named it something else – I really dislike ‘Burling’ now). 

Enjoy – and please forgive the errors!  I wasn’t intending to write this novella, but as usual, as I wrote the six full romance stories, this novella evolved in my mind. 


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