Elizabeth Lennox

The Burling School | The Ladies of The Burling School Series Introduction

Six young girls stepping out into a scary world, from very different backgrounds and circumstances, and yet, they bond together and succeed despite obstacles. This short novella introduces you to each of the friends:

Tamara comes across to the world as tough and indomitable, but she’s vulnerable and scared underneath. Despite that, she is determined to make her way in the world and applies some interesting methods to avoid her wedding day and fiancé.

Willow is a gentle soul who is searching for her way. She refuses to be a pawn in her father’s career and love life anymore. She slowly builds up her business as a YouTube sensation – then is sent notice of a relative she’d never heard of!

Naya is possibly the most tender of these ladies, but she hides it well – at least from everyone except for the man who unexpectedly steps into her life. But she hides her real self from the world with a defiant lift of her chin and barrels forward.

Lana is a fabulous artist but not the best when it comes to running her father’s business. She’s proud and loyal – almost to her detriment.

Ella is oblivious to caution! She pushes through life as if there are no obstacles. Her determination to reveal all the wrongs in the world leads to her success, but also leads her to a man she can’t control.

Cassandra (Cassy) is deeply wounded by her past, but refuses to allow it to hinder her ambition. She’s tough and determined – as well as soft and tender when she falls in love.

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