Elizabeth Lennox

Buck's Promise | Mysterious Adventures Series

Release Date: February 25, 2022

Have you ever heard a smoke detector beeping after the battery dies?

Buck Owens watched his gorgeous neighbor come and go, always polite, but keeping herself cool and distant. How was a guy to get her attention?

Buck has found a way! A dying smoke detector! Now, he just needs to prove to her that she can trust him. He vowed that he wouldn’t demoralize her the way her ex had. And he was determined to show her that he could be trusted.

Nina Landau knew that her hunky neighbor watched her like a dog watched a meaty bone. But Nina wasn’t interested. Okay, she was interested, but she needed to prove something to herself first. Once she’d recovered from her previous relationship, she might, maybe, perhaps…venture next door and get to know the guy that invaded her dreams almost nightly.

First, she was going to find that dying smoke detector, put it under her car tired and drive over it a thousand times!

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