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I have this air fryer and use it ALL THE TIME!  I love it!  The air fryer is a really great way to make foods that are healthier and just taste better!  For lunch, I sometimes make sweet potato fries (lots of potassium and fiber – plus, they are DELICIOUS!) .  I’ve made some of the juiciest chicken in this baby – although I can cook a max of three large breasts at once, which is about five servings.  Oh – and roasted chic peas!  These are the best!


Roasted Chic Pea Recipe:
1-2 cans of drained, rinsed chic peas
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
McCormick’s cajun, low sodium spice nux
Frank’s Hot Sauce (depends on your heat level)
Cover the chic peas in the olive oil.  Then sprinkle with the cajun spice, lightly or more, depending on your preference.  Then douse them with a bit of hot sauce.  Spray the air fryer pan with cooking spray and dump the chic peas in.  Cook for 20 minutes at 270 degrees.  Shake them up at the end of this first 20 minutes.  Test them.  If they are crunchy, then you’re done.  If not, put them in for another 5-10 minutes, or until they are to your crunch level.  Personally, I prefer them very crunchy, so I’ll put them in for another 20 minutes.  
I’d tell you how long these will keep in an air tight container, but I don’t know.  I make these crunchy treats and they are generally gone within a day or two.  
You can use this same recipe for kale.  I know – ick!  I don’t eat it myself, but I can make crunchy, spicy kale – the entire package (I remove the hard “spine” and tear the kale into bite sized pieces).  My kids and husband will eat the kale like popcorn!  It’s gone within 30 minutes.  
So if you’re trying to find ways to get more healthy foods into your diet, these two options are GOLD! 

Ladies – if you have a painting job to do – this little baby is a must-have! I sprayed water sealer on my deck and it took me about 5 minutes to cover the entire deck. I was standing there, stupidly looking at the beautiful deck, wondering, “What do I do now?!” I put down three more coats – so in total, it took me about 30 minutes to seal the whole deck and that included cleaning the machine. I spoke to a friend who painted the bannister of their front porch. it took them all week to hand paint those spokes. I did my whole front porch bannister (three coats of paint – about 18 feet and 66 spokes) in 2.5 hours! Plus – the sprayer finish is 1000 times better, neater, cleaner than any kind of hand painting! There are no messy clumps of paint anywhere and it really seems to make the paint last longer! I can’t imagine using a paint brush again. This little baby is just so easy to use, even on trim work. And clean up really is shockingly easy!

Bissel Crosswave – vacuum and mop combined.
Holy cannoli this is the best product ever! I actually bought one about two months ago, but I didn’t post this product because I wanted to make sure that it was good enough. IT IS! This thing is AH-maayzing! I know the picture of the dirty water is gross, but I posted that just to show you how much dirt it picked up. Now, that might be a testament to how good the machine is, or it might just reveal how dirty my floors are. Either way, I love this thing! Seriously, you no longer need to sweep the floor before mopping! This thing does it all at once!

Fall is the time to eat apples.  They are healthy, sweet, great for your stomach because of the insoluble fiber, loads of vitamins and can snap through a sugar craving fast!  However, sometimes an apple is just too much of a commitment.  I know – that sounds silly.  But there are times when I know I should eat an apple, but I just don’t feel like it.  I grasp that my issue is silly.  Here’s my solution.  I slice all of the apples up (see my apple slicer too!), pop all of the slices onto the trays (there are SIX with this baby) and in about a day, I have tons of crispy, healthy apple slices.  I don’t know why – but it’s just easier to eat apple crisps vs an apple.  Try this dehydrator – it’s fabulous with apples, but I’ve also used it for bananas, plums and a few other fruits. 

During the winter months, I use this inside.  In the summer, I’m tempted to set it up outside, just so I’m not heating up the house.  Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea.  The humidity during the summer months doesn’t let the apple slices truly crisp up.  So put this puppy in your basement or cellar – and it works perfectly!   There are more expensive models and less expensive – but I suspect that they all work in the same way.  


Now that everyone is ramping up for apple pie season, this baby is a MUST!  It also slices potatoes and other veggies – but I only use it for apples.  Warning though – the suction cup on this model isn’t great, but the slicer is awesome and the product isn’t very expensive, so I just ignore that suction problem.  If you find a better one for the same price, let me know.  But the apple slices come out uniform and it slices them FAST!  I use this mainly for dehydrating apples so I usually leave the skin on.  But the tool has a little lever that allows you to skin the apples perfectly.  It’s also super fun!  

I found these and clip one to my running shoe and another to the pocket on my leggings during my morning runs. The clips are strong – but not obnoxiously so. The lights are super bright and perfect for running or you can attach one to your dog’s collar for those dark-time walks. One morning, I was running down a street, coming to an intersection where there were tall bushes that hid me from oncoming traffic. The lights are so good that the person driving down the street saw me coming and slowed down – inching towards the intersection. I feel much more visible wearing these lights whenever I’m out during dark periods and with the sunset happening earlier in the evening, I’ll even wear these out when I’m walking at night.

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