Elizabeth Lennox

The Prince’s Secret

The Prince’s Secret | El-Mitra Family Series

Release Date: February 10. 2023

The Prince's Secret - Cover 2A

The enticing stranger has a mysterious side!

Crown Prince Rayed el Mitra spotted the lovely woman in red silk and knew there was more to her than the ditzy persona. Discovering this woman’s secrets was just the solution for Rayed’s current ennui.

Emma Giani wants to expose all of the wrongs to the world. What she doesn’t want is a tall, dark and dangerous giant to interfere with her current investigation. As a reporter, she just needs someone to give her entrée into the lavish parties where the bad guys discuss their naughty plans. A crown prince of a powerful country might be just the solution. The only problem? She can’t seem to concentrate whenever he is close. The breathlessness she feels whenever Rayed touches her might help her with her disguise, but it doesn’t help her figure out what the bad guys are up to.

Can Rayed and Emma discover their love for each other before time runs out? Or will the bad guys get to her first?

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