Elizabeth Lennox

Friends Forever Series

The Friends Forever Series

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The Sheiks Mysterious Mistress by Elizabeth Lennox


Four friends living in Lisdeer, Virginia make their way in the world the best way they can in Elizabeth Lennox’s Friends Forever book series. They don’t have a lot of money, but they watch out for each other, fight for each other and protect their loose-knit “family”. 

Hayden’s old family farm is falling apart – literally! 

The furnace breaks down, the stove barely works, the windows need replacing and she’s out of food and money.  It’s time to sell.  But the only man willing to buy her farm land is Viktor, a man she hated on sight! 

But in the end, pride wasn’t going to bring her heat.  When she goes to him, ready to sell, he changes the price.  Marriage.  “A Difficult Man to Love”.

In “Spanish Passions”, Natalie had fallen in love with a Spanish aristocrat.  But the reality of life with a Duque wasn’t as easy as the fantasy of life with Javier.  Especially when she’s told to get out.  So she does – then discovers that she’s pregnant!  Javier finds her years later – and that he’s still in love with Natalie.  Working through the miscommunications is more difficult than they’d both anticipated.  But when they discover the lies, they know they have to clear them up before they can find happiness. 

Katia was in hiding, running the coffee shop.  She’d finally accepted a friendship with Hayden, Natalie and Arianna – but she couldn’t let them get too close.  She’s in hiding – and thought she’d done a good job of it.  Until Sergei walked into her coffee shop.  Then life gets flipped around on her – and the man she’d been running from was now hot on her tail.  Can she trust Sergei?  “The Russian’s Proposal”

Arianna’s father was murdered – and she flies to Triar to confront the man who killed him.  But as soon as she arrives, everything she’d thought she knew was wrong.  Sheik Rhys understands, and wants to help.  But can Arianna trust him?  She’d thought he was the murderer!  “One Night with the Sheik”

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