Elizabeth Lennox

Seducing His Wife

Seducing His Wife | A Steele Brothers Romance

Love at first sight…a whirlwind romance…a Las Vegas wedding followed by days and nights spent in bed.

Then regret.

Gabriella couldn’t believe what she’d done and ran from the powerful feelings that Teague Steele generated in her. She couldn’t…wouldn’t…stay with a man like Teague! She’d been poor all her life and she wanted more for her children than the humiliation of poverty.

A year later…

Gabriella comes back to Seattle and she just needs a signature. One simple signature that would finalize the crazy weekend she’d spent with Teague. He might be the man of her dreams, but he could also be her nightmare. 

Unfortunately, the lust and laughter were still there. Gabriella was determined to ignore all of it. She was going to marry a wealthy man and keep her children from having to deal with the same humiliation she’d endured.

A whole year…Teague had been trying to get over her for a year!

But the first time she shows up at the construction sight, he knows that his efforts had failed. He still wanted Gabby. And he was determined to show her that they could work.

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