Elizabeth Lennox

Bound by the Sheik’s Ring

Bound by the Sheik’s Ring | Sheiks of Altair


Loving someone can be brutal.

Sada had loved Zahir for years…but he was off limits! Every month, he came to her school to take her out for dinner. And every month, she fell a little bit more in love with him.

Unfortunately, Zahir was best friends with Sada’s older brothers – very protective brothers! There was a brother code – and Zahir would never violate that code.

Until the day that tragedy happened!

Zahir needed a wife. FAST! And the only woman that came to mind was the beautiful Princess Sada. For too long, he’d maintained a distance. But no longer! Disaster might have brought them together, but Zahir vowed to make her happy in this romance novel!

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