Elizabeth Lennox

Delta Force Book 1 – Lexie and Mike

Mike | Delta Force Series

Release Date: October 2, 2020

Working with a specialized team of warriors can be nerve-wracking!

But Lexie finds it even more difficult when she’s all alone in a huge, empty warehouse filled with…strange contraptions. But then the Delta Force team comes back and…good grief, the guy from the bar walks off of the helicopter looking like a triumphant king…Lexie is completely lost! And boy, is he bigger than ever! Big and strong and…just wow! Lexie has a hard time maintaining her professionalism whenever Colonel Mike McCain is around.

Mike is fascinated by the delicate brunette. He knows he should maintain a professional distance from the woman. But she is soft and sweet and adorably sexy. And she has secrets!

Since it’s his job to discover secrets, Mike is justifiably intrigued. And yet, he wants the lovely Lexie to trust him enough to confide in him about her secrets.

So why won’t she trust him? What horrible secret was she hiding from him?

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