Elizabeth Lennox

Her Forbidden Sheik

Her Forbidden Sheik | The Del Taran Series

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Secrets kept them apart. Could a secret mission bring them together?

Princess Ayla del Taran was off limits! Not only was she the youngest sister of his best friend, but the woman was in love with a dead man. Sheik Nasir bin Zaminista kept his feelings for Ayla hidden, never letting anyone know how he felt. Until…she proposed a clandestine mission to discover who was behind an illegal mining operation. Seeing a chance to be closer to her, he volunteered to help!

Princess Ayla del Taran has been in love with Sheik Nasir bin Zaminista for years! To her quiet despair, the handsome neighboring ruler of Minar treated her as if she were his baby sister when he visited her older brother. So Ayla pushed her feelings for him deep down inside of her, refusing to let anyone know how she felt.

When Ayla had proposed the mission, she hadn’t meant for Nasir to agree! Goodness, how was she going to get out of this tangle now?!

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