Elizabeth Lennox

Dancing with the Dangerous Prince

Dancing with the Dangerous Prince | The War, Love and Harmony Series

Ciara shivered when she felt his eyes upon her. She trembled when she looked upon him as well. When they found themselves in the woods, alone and tempted, she fought the feeling…but it was pointless. The allure of the man was just too strong. 

So she was going to ride the wave of passion this captivating man offered, and ignore the consequences until she had to go back to her own world.

Zoran couldn’t believe the beauty that he found in the woods. Normally, his one-week respite from his official responsibilities as Prince of Larcatia was a time of isolation and contemplation. 

Now his only contemplation was how to get to know the lovely wood nymph better. And isolation was the furthest thing from his mind.

So when their time together was over, it was shocking to find out that they were actually both royalty in neighboring countries! And even more unbelievable, that they were both obligated to marry someone else! To hell with royal obligations! Zoran would make Ciara his wife.

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